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Bring Your Luxurious Tastes Outdoors

If your luxury home has all you could want indoors, why stop there? There is so much to be done to enjoy the great outdoors around mansions, estates, villas and more – and the Equifax Finance Blog has tips about how to make the best choices to add extravagance to your luxury home in the […]

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Credit or Debit Card? Which is Better?

Credit and debit cards are a great convenience in today’s fast-paced society, but more could be at stake (like your credit rating or identity) with their use than just convenience if you aren’t careful with their use. There’s no clear-cut choice for which way to pay, but the Equifax Finance Blog gives some guidelines and […]

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Know Your Identity Theft Solution Now

Unfortunately with the progression of technology and a few desperate decisions by some, many people have run into several kinds of identity theft in recent years. Often those who are victimized do not even realize it until much later, such as when they are trying to get approved for a home loan or buy a new […]

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Now is the Perfect Time to Get in on a Vacation Home Deal

Real estate writer Steve Cook compiled a list of the best areas for buying a vacation or retirement home at a great price, in his article “ Retirement and Vacation Deals for Home Buyers” on the Equifax Finance blog. With the housing market in recovery, this may be the last season to get a fantastic […]