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Tips On Negotiating a Denied Homeowners Insurance Claim

Especially in the wake of the storms that recently hit the southeastern U.S., or an other occurrence or accident, you might have the unfortunate experience of filing a homeowners insurance claim. Normally the procedure follows a few steps: Your insurance company sends a representative to take a look at the damage, a monetary damage estimate […]

Yikes! Fewer Americans Dreaming of Home Ownership?

Baseball, apple pie and homeownership have long been seen as the cornerstones of America. But could the American Dream of homeownership be another casualty of the housing crisis? According to the Equifax Personal Finance Blog it is. Apparently the number of Americans who believe owning a home is a safe investment has fallen, which could […]

Buying Luxury Real Estate with Lottery Winnings? Wait Just a Minute!

If you’re perusing Luxury Real Estate Forum because you’ve just won the lottery (or you’ve just bought a ticket and know it’s THE one), you may want to slow down. The luxury homes will still be here after you’ve paid your taxes! The Equifax Personal Finance Blog recently posted a story about the taxes Americans […]

Luxury Home Owners May Be Looking at More Taxes, So Use an FSA to Cut Them

Looking ahead to income taxes for 2011, many people who own luxury homes may be in danger of losing the Bush-era tax cuts they now enjoy. As the lame duck Congress considers extending or ending those cuts, it seems the most likely group to lose out is the “wealthy” Americans – couples making $250,000 or […]

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Your Homeowners Insurance Agent is More Than a Pretty Face

Insurance agents are famous for smiling down at potential clients from billboards all over town. But insurance expert and Equifax Personal Finance Blog contributor Linda Rey wouldn’t consider the number of billboard sightings you encounter as a good way to choose the agent to write your homeowners insurance policy. She says you need to search […]