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Trends in Mortgage Originations and Consumer Debt

Americans are paying off debt and starting to take out more loans than they have in recent years. The factors around this trend are explained in the recent Equifax Finance blog, “ More Americans Paying Off Debt and Opening New Lines of Credit,” which cites research from the Equifax Credit Trends report. Here are a […]

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What Drives Homeowners Insurance Costs?

The rise in the home sales market must mean that everything related to housing must be on the rise, too, right – from home values to taxes and insurance costs, right? Not so, with that last part! Homeowners insurance, a key part of homeownership, is not tied to the home sales market, but instead is […]

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Basic Identity Theft Information

Did you know that simply keeping track of your wallet or purse is actually an identity theft solution? A recent study from Travelers on 2011 ID theft claims has recently revealed that everyday stolen and misplaced wallets and purses are the number one reason identity fraud crimes occur, much more often than online identity theft. […]

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Know Your Identity Theft Solution Now

Unfortunately with the progression of technology and a few desperate decisions by some, many people have run into several kinds of identity theft in recent years. Often those who are victimized do not even realize it until much later, such as when they are trying to get approved for a home loan or buy a new […]