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What Drives Homeowners Insurance Costs?

The rise in the home sales market must mean that everything related to housing must be on the rise, too, right – from home values to taxes and insurance costs, right? Not so, with that last part! Homeowners insurance, a key part of homeownership, is not tied to the home sales market, but instead is […]

Tips On Negotiating a Denied Homeowners Insurance Claim

Especially in the wake of the storms that recently hit the southeastern U.S., or an other occurrence or accident, you might have the unfortunate experience of filing a homeowners insurance claim. Normally the procedure follows a few steps: Your insurance company sends a representative to take a look at the damage, a monetary damage estimate […]

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Your Homeowners Insurance Agent is More Than a Pretty Face

Insurance agents are famous for smiling down at potential clients from billboards all over town. But insurance expert and Equifax Personal Finance Blog contributor Linda Rey wouldn’t consider the number of billboard sightings you encounter as a good way to choose the agent to write your homeowners insurance policy. She says you need to search […]

Does Your Luxury Home Have a Pool? You Might Need an Umbrella.

An umbrella insurance policy, that is. It will protect your assets and income when the limits of your homeowner’s and auto policies are reached. Without one, you could have a lot to lose. The Equifax Personal Finance Blog recently posted an article on the topic by insurance expert Linda Rey. “ Umbrella Insurance: The FAQs” […]

Homeowner’s Insurance and Outdoor Fun

You’ve just bought a new (or maybe new-to-you) home, and you’re extra excited because it’s on the lake. When it comes time to shop for your homeowner’s insurance, don’t forget to mention the jet ski and boat. They may require special coverage. According to insurance expert Linda Rey, a regular contributor to the Equifax Personal […]