Home upgrades for privacy protectionIf your luxury home has all you could want indoors, why stop there? There is so much to be done to enjoy the great outdoors around mansions, estates, villas and more – and the Equifax Finance Blog has tips about how to make the best choices to add extravagance to your luxury home in the new article “Increase Your Home’s Value With These Five Outdoor Upgrades.”

One of the first things to consider with exterior home upgrades is that they should be planned, and have a chance to balloon out in costs and time when dealing with the random nature of the elements. With plan in hand, a realistic budget and a vision for how to enhance your property, you can’t go wrong with hot options for big spenders like patio upgrades, the fire pit and the outdoor kitchen.

Seriously consider the following to give your outdoors the same opulence as your main residence with items like:

  • Patio upgrades can really shine with options like stone additions, fountains, artistic paved walkways and more.
  • Fire pits are great for relaxing all through summer and fall, and a custom-made brick or stone firepit area makes a darling focal point.
  • Outdoor kitchens can reach far be more than just a grill. Go all out with pizza oven, sink, stocked bar and outdoor flat-screen television.

The Equifax Finance Blog has more ways you can wisely use your wealth of funds with excellent articles on everything from insurance to investing to how to get the best

privacy protection.

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