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mRELEVANCE at the Southern Building Showg homes has taken a tremendous shift from face-to-face selling to virtual marketing. Thus, in order to keep up with these demands, a new homebuilder needs to have a strong prescence online. If home shoppers cannot find you online, then they will not buy from you. Also, if your website is unappealing, not interactive or difficult to navigate, a home shopper could rule you out – and this is without EVER speaking to someone. Your online initiative cannot be taken lightly, and because of the evolution of the home building industry, Flammer Relations, Inc. and MLC New Home Marketing have joined forces to create mRELEVANCE, also known as
marketing relevance. This new Public Relations and Internet Marketing agency can write and distribute press releases, create websites, create blogs, moderate and post to blogs, plan and manage events, social bookmark and more. Basically all of your social media and public relations needs will be met with this one company. You may have seen them at the Southern Building Show, as that is when the company presented themselves to the real estate industry. It’s about time there was a company that catered to all of the marketing needs of homebuilders.

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