Keystone Custom HomesWellness is the new trend, not only in the general population but also in home building. Interested home buyers are shopping savvy for healthy food, drinks, products and, now, homes, and home builders are building with this in mind. A live, work, play environment is quickly becoming a live, work, play well environment. Keystone Custom Homes has integrated walkability features into two of its more popular communities.

Castleton is a traditional community located in Marietta, Pa. All the neighbors know each other and people often walk down the sidewalk to join their neighbors in a nice, calm sitting session on the front porch. It’s the kind of place where residents take life one step at a time and everything is done with living well in mind. For instance, the community has endless walking trails interweaving the spaces around the homes and open spaces. Residents can stay healthy with long walks without ever leaving the safety and comfort of their home and community. The best part is, when home owners want a place to go shopping or have dinner, they can jump on Route 30 and in just minutes, have all of this and more!

Another Keystone community with wellness in mind is Worthington, which is conveniently located off of Oregon Pike. How doe Worthington residents keep wellness as a top priority? The community has central green spaces for outdoor enjoyment as well as hiking and biking trails, which lead to Landis Woods, a 70-acre nature preserve located nearby. How is that for wellness! Also conveniently located only minutes from the community is the BeBalanced Center. This facility provideshormonal metabolic correction from specialists to improve weight, mood, sleep and energy.

Find your new home with Keystone Custom Homes and enjoy wellness built into the community. For more information or to schedule a tour, visit

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