Be ready with an Identity Theft Solution
Prevention is best, but having an identity theft solution at the ready is wise if you are at risk

Unfortunately with the progression of technology and a few desperate decisions by some, many people have run into several kinds of identity theft in recent years. Often those who are victimized do not even realize it until much later, such as when they are trying to get approved for a home loan or buy a new car and suddenly get declined due to a credit history that should have been fine.


The Equifax Finance Blog recently provided some excellent identity theft information in their article, “What to Do if You’re the Victim of Identity Theft.” To begin with, the article cites some of the typical signs of identity theft to watch out for.

These include:

  • Having collectors contact you about debts you know are not yours.
  • Bills and other important mail stop coming to your address (meaning your billing address may have been changed by a theft).
  • Credit cards arrive in the mail for accounts you have never applied for.
  • Debts and accounts you did not open begin to show up on your credit report (it’s a good idea to monitor your credit reports so you can catch this right away should it happen).


Just keep in mind that prevention is always the best

identity theft solution, so even if your identity has been stolen in the past. However, if you should find out that your identity has been compromised, it may take a bit of effort on your part to set things right again. The Equifax Finance Blog can walk you through the steps to begin fixing the damage.

To learn more about these steps, please visit the Equifax Finance Blog today at

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