Ty Talks: Remodeling for Home Improvement MonthHappy Home Improvement Month! Take this month to explore the many ways to improve energy efficiency without sacrificing style in your home. As a homage to the national effort, we thought we would highlight the remodeling Ty Talk from Jackson EMC featuring Home Energy Expert and TV Host Ty Pennington.

When it comes to remodeling your home, there are a lot of great opportunities to improve energy efficiency. In this Ty Talk, Ty offers advice on remodeling projects and how to ensure maximum energy savings.

There is a difference between updating a home for energy efficiency versus style. The beauty of remodeling is the ability to make improvements in both areas to create an updated living space that helps both the environment and your wallet.

To know where to begin with a remodeling or energy-improvement project, the home’s shortcomings and energy use must be determined to establish priorities. Ty’s solution? A Home Energy Evaluation from Jackson EMC! During a Home Energy Evaluation, home energy experts perform a number of tests to give a full evaluation of home’s overall energy performance.

“The results help identify the most cost-effective improvements, and you’ll know the areas to focus on while remodeling,” Ty said. “Thinking about energy performance now, rather than later, can save you time and money down the road, but regardless of the size you remodel, now is the best time to invest in energy improvements.”

Ty presents a perfect example: when remodeling the kitchen, purchase appliances that are ENERGY STAR certified and include an Energy Guide to have an idea of expected usage rates. Ty continues, another key component of remodeling is adding necessary insulation, particularly if the remodeling project includes finishing out a bonus room or basement.

“Those are areas where insulation is often overlooked, and that can make a world of difference on heating and air costs,” Ty said. “I also look for places where the outside air can enter into the conditioned air, like plumbing and wire penetrations.”

Always seal those zones if they are reachable during the remodeling process.

When it comes to energy-efficient living, Jackson EMC serves as a leader in the state of Georgia. To hear Ty’s full take on remodeling and energy savings, watch the remodeling video above, or visit www.JacksonEMC.com/TyTalks to view the entire series.

Get started on “doing more while consuming less” in your energy-efficient home by contacting Jackson EMC at 770-822-3211 and scheduling a Home Energy Evaluation.

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