There are two aspects in the new home buying process – purchasing an inventory home that is ready for immediate move-in or purchasing a home site and having a home built to your specifications. There are benefits to both, although it does seem that purchasing a home site and having the house tailored to your every need and desire seems more enticing. Unfortunately, this does mean that you will have to wait about six months from the time you purchase your new house until you can move it, and, let’s face it, not everyone exudes patience. So, the eternal home buying question – do we sacrifice creative freedom for immediate gratification? Well, no longer is it one or the other – or at least not in Nashville. Luxury new home builder
Turnberry Homes gives buyers the opportunity to customize inventory homes.

Turnberry Homes has structural and interior designers on staff who can work with families to make existing homes ready for immediate move-in reflect the personal style and needs of the family. A specific example is a home recently sold in the Ladd Park community in Williamson County. The homeowners didn’t need a fifth bedroom but wanted to expand the master bedroom closet and the laundry room. They needed a back foyer to collect the children’s coats and books, and they prefered a study to a formal living room. Outside, they wanted a flay backyard for a trampoline and a separate grilling patio. Turnberry Homes worked with the needs of the family by moving a wall or two and bringing in some extra dirt. The home quickly became exactly what the family had in mind.

Turnberry’s approach is vital in today’s market, where many homebuyers move on a quick schedule related to relocations or fast closings on their existing homes.  By choosing to work with
Turnberry Homes‘ structural and interior designers to custom tailor a standing home, buyers get the custom experience without taking the time to build from the ground up.

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