In the dynamic landscape of real estate, Miller & Smith, a leading homebuilder and developer in the D.C. area, emphasizes the importance of solid real estate partnerships with Realtors and preferred lenders. This approach underlines the company’s focus on providing homebuyers with trusted resources.

Working with the coop Realtor network benefits both Miller & Smith and its homebuyers. “Friends and family are significant influencers for homebuyers, and so are Realtors,” states Tracy Lamb, VP of Sales from Miller & Smith. “We’ve cultivated a robust Realtor partnership and preserved our broker commission structure to show our appreciation for their key role.”

A testament to Miller & Smith’s partnership value comes from Rod Rochowiak, a Principal Founder of Agent Contract Services. After stumbling upon one of the home builder’s Ashburn projects while house-hunting, Rochowiak was impressed by the meticulous attention to detail. “The quality is beyond reproach. It’s visible in every aspect, from the windows to the hardware in the kitchen,” says Rochowiak. He adds, “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Miller & Smith to my clients.”

Jason Jenkins, a 25-year Realtor veteran specializing in 55+ Active Adult Communities, shares his positive experiences with Miller & Smith. Having sold homes in multiple Miller & Smith communities, Jenkins asserts, “Miller & Smith’s reputation for quality construction and floor plan design aids my job. Their seasoned sales managers, with 10 to 20 years of experience, set a comfort level for my clients.”

Working with our trusted preferred lenders plays a pivotal role in the homebuying journey. Miller & Smith values its long-standing relationships with its preferred lenders, emphasizing their crucial contribution to providing buyers with optimal financial solutions and ensuring a smooth, timely settlement process.

Mike Orsini from Atlantic Coast Mortgage, a preferred lender for Miller & Smith, emphasizes the value of long-standing partnerships. “Having worked with Miller & Smith for many years, we understand their work ethics and values. Our shared commitment ensures a smooth process and timely settlements,” says Orsini.

Caryn Grafton, EVP, National Sales Manager with Atlantic Coast Mortgage, echoes Orsini’s sentiments. “Having helped over 1,000 buyers purchase homes from Miller & Smith over the past 15 years, working with such a high-quality builder is an honor. Their innovative approach to design keeps them at the forefront, and their care for clients mirrors our own.”

These testimonials underline the value Miller & Smith places on its real estate partnerships, highlighting its commitment to working with Realtors and lenders who reflect their high standards and dedication to client satisfaction.

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